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Inquiry about 200-500W PEM Fuel Cells !!

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Taoteck, Aug 11, 2004.

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  1. Taoteck

    Taoteck Guest


    We would like to transform a conventional lightweight electric
    scooter to run on hydrogen. This means we need appropriate mid-range PEM fuel
    cell. One of the following types of PEM fuel cells would be the best:

    1. 500 W and 36 V
    2. 350 W and 24 V
    3. 200 W and 12 V

    Do you happen to know, where low-cost PEM fuel cells are available on the web?
    Our budget for a fuel cell is limited with 1000 $ maximum...
    Any help, technical data (including prices) and further instructions would be
    very helpful and apprechiated...Thank You!

    Sincerelly yours,

    Workgroup K-7 (Andraž Kocjan, Paul McGuiness)
    Institute Jožef Stefan
    Jamova c. 39
    1000 Ljubljana
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