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Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Wong, May 25, 2004.

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  1. Wong

    Wong Guest

    Hi folks,
    What is IR Blaster ? What is the different between IR Blaster with normal one ?
    I will be appreciated if you can point me a tutorial/website. Thanks in advance.
  2. Art

    Art Guest

    ? I believe the device you refer to is an item that will extend the range of
    your IR remote device via RF link. These are used for controlling a tele,
    vcr, etc in another room. The transmitter is placed in the same room you are
    in with the remote control. The receiver is them placed in the room with the
    equipment you are wanting to control, with it's IR being directed to that
    specific device. Many manufacturers make these devices and they tend to work
    rather well, within design limitations.
  3. Marlboro

    Marlboro Guest

  4. Marlboro

    Marlboro Guest

  5. Wong

    Wong Guest

    I am talking about that. This IR Blaster is used to trigger on an
    off-power circuit, should be something like this. But I just don't
    know how. However, thanks for your reply.
  6. I've chosen the 'brute force' approach to the Samsung remote. I
    borrowed a Tek DPO from work, aimed the remote at a commercial IR
    demod, grabbed the waveforms and printed each buttons sheet. Then come
    up with a table of the values and transfer into 68HC908 assembler.
    Should be running in about a week.
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