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Infrared Laser setup?

Discussion in 'LEDs and Optoelectronics' started by shadowandlight, Apr 22, 2012.

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  1. shadowandlight


    Apr 22, 2012
    Hi everyone! I am working on a side project and I need to create a more power infrared bank of lights. I am trying to create a "cheaper" version of this product, , to use in the medical community. I currently work in the field and using something like this with certain patients in a life saver.

    I have currently tried using a bank of approx 40 + infrared LED's however they dont seem to have the strength that I would like. Specifically it needs to be powerful enough to penetrate skin however it needs to be safe to use. The LED's just dont seem as powerful as some commercial products i've seen out there doing something similar.

    I have some soldering abilities but have very little knowledge in circuit building. I also dont know what strength lasers I should be looking for. I am aiming for ones in the 750-950nm wavelength and would like to cover that entire spectrum.

    Using the bank of IR LED's and a CCD camera works, but either the camera isnt super sensitive (perhaps some way to amplify certain wavelengths is needed? maybe outside video processing / effects on a pc in real time would work??) or the LED's arent powerful enough. Either way, I'm looking for a better solution.

    Any and all help / guidance would be appreciated.
  2. CocaCola


    Apr 7, 2012
    Just my opinion, when you start talking life/death or professional medical needs it's almost always best to go with proven designs...

    And again IMO $4K for a proven medical grade device is chump change in the medical industry... They even rent them monthly for a few hundred dollars a month, that should be easy for any medical practice to justify...
  3. davenn

    davenn Moderator

    Sep 5, 2009
    agreed, you shouldnt even be considering home brewing something like this
    if its as important as you say. It would have to be built to a VERY hi standard and
    pass all sorts of govt. regulatory tests

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