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infra red timer

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Paulo Alves, Nov 30, 2012.

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  1. Paulo Alves

    Paulo Alves Guest


    All my air conditioners only allow me to set up on ON/OFF time. This means that I cannot set it up, for instance to turn from 2am to 3am and from 5am to 6am, for example.

    Is there any infrared timer that would send the on/off command to the air conditioner and that could store more than one command? Obviously, it would have to be pointing to the aircon but that is easy. I looked on ebay and google and could not find it.

    Or any other suggestion?

  2. tuinkabouter

    tuinkabouter Guest

    Have a look alt lirc. Then you can control it with a computer.
  3. operator jay

    operator jay Guest

    Does your air conditioner plug into a 15A receptacle? Can you get a
    timeclock with multiple time/program setting available (such as by NOMA,
    Tork, and many others), plug the air conditioner into that, and just the
    leave the air conditioner settings such that it will always run when it has
  4. Bill

    Bill Guest

    There are MANY different types of air conditioners. Might help if you
    gave information as to what what Brand/Model and type air conditioner
    you have!

    For example there are whole house units with an inside unit, outside
    unit, and a wired thermostat.

    Or there are window air conditioners with a mechanical on/off switch.

    Also there are window air conditioners which come with an IR remote
    control. Is this what you have?
  5. Paulo Alves

    Paulo Alves Guest

    Hi Bill,

    I have 4 aircons. An Haier, a Mitsubishi, a Samsung and a retail branded. All wall units, inside and outside units.

    The Mitusbishi allows me to set up 1 on time and 1 off time

    the other 3 only allow me to set up a count down timer, such as: turn off/on in xx hours.

    None of them turn on automatically after a power surge, so putting a timer in the plug, will not work..

  6. Bill

    Bill Guest

    If they come with a hand held "remote control", it would be *possible*
    to design or possibly purchase an already made "universal remote" which
    could record the on/off IR signals from those remotes. Then place that
    remote on a shelf pointed at the A/C unit. And it would send on/off
    signals based on an internal timer on that remote device.

    Search for the words...
    home automation

    ....then poke around some of those websites like, see if
    they have anything like that.

    Do-it-yourself "capturing" of the IR codes and then programming a
    microcontroller to send those codes is an advanced software engineering
    project. Many people who spend all their time tinkering with electronics
    would have a difficult, if not impossible, time doing such a project.

    If the "outside units" have separate power, you could use something like
    a 7 day 240 volt "water heater timer" to interrupt power to just the
    outside unit. Then power would remain to the inside unit.

    Or a bit more advanced would be to get wiring diagrams of each unit.
    Then install contactors (relays) which would shut off power going to the
    fans/compressors of each unit. Then each unit's electronics would remain
    powered up, but could only activate the fans/compressors when those
    contactors were in an "on mode" (set by a timer).

    But if the unit's electronics are "smart" doing the above might cause
    them to go into an "error mode". And of course this would void any
  7. Paulo Alves

    Paulo Alves Guest

    Thanks Bill.
    That was what I was thinking when I post this topic.

    Unfortunately, I cannot find a remote with timer.

    Thanks anyway.
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