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Infra Red or LASER beam counter wanted

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Trevor Best, Feb 11, 2004.

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  1. Trevor Best

    Trevor Best Guest

    I would like to get something that would be able to count crates
    moving along a conveyer belt, something like where the beam is broken
    by a crate, it counts and downloads info to a PC/Laptop. No idea where
    to start.
  2. Roger Gt

    Roger Gt Guest

    X-No-Archive: yes

    light source on one side of the

    Is this what you were looking for. Maybe they
    have the counter too?
  3. People get paid big bucks to design this sort of thing.
    What are you being paid, and what cut of it are you offering?

    Mark L. Fergerson
  4. Trevor Best

    Trevor Best Guest

    I'm not designing it, I was after a pointer to something already made
    to plug into or download the count to a PC.
    It's not my project, I'm helping a friend.
    I didn't realise I had to pay to ask a question here, I'm willing to
    offer 20% of naff-all but will haggle on the percentage if you want.

    Thanks to everyone to responded.
  5. "Ready made" is usually application-specific and may be
    more trouble to adapt than it's worth.
    Aha. What's the friend being paid? ;>)
    Questions are free but answers may only be worth what you
    pay for them.

    OK, now that the terms are settled, I'll echo the Wiz's
    response about parameters; vague questions usually get vague
    answers. The more specific you get, the less effort the
    design involves. But since you already knew that (or you
    wouldn't have asked for help), I'll be fairly generic and
    suggest the old webcam/software trick because you can handle
    all sorts of parameter variations that way.

    IMNSHO the really big question you ought to ask your
    friend is "What does the PC want to see as input?". IOW, how
    simple can you make the detector and still satisfy his
    requirements? If all the crates (and spacing, etc.) are
    identical and ambient lighting isn't reliable, beam-breaking
    may be the simplest solution that fits his bill. Also, is
    the PC expected to do (and capable of) any processing, or
    can it only log counts every so often in between other
    tasks? A dumb serial or parallel port (or USB) interface can
    be slapped together easily from say mouse and disk drive
    parts for the former situation, but if preprocessing's
    involved, adding a barebones DOS-based XT PC that does all
    the heavy lifting and supplies reports to the main unit on
    request might actually be simpler and cheaper than a custom
    interface. That's what I was reminded of from my days at a
    systems design house here in PHX that used QNIX-based
    'puters to run process control for industrial users.

    Mark L. Fergerson
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