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Information on microwave transfer switch

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by [email protected], Sep 12, 2005.

  1. Guest

    Good Morning,
    for my thesis I've to design a transfer switch operating between 8 and
    I would want to ask you where I could found a little bit of tutorials
    this theme in a way to avoid many stupid questions for you. I've
    searched on google but I've found just commercial information while I'm
    interested to schemas and designs consideration on this topic.

    Many Thanks for your help,

    Antonio D'Ottavio
  2. Schematics ?
    What do you want schematics for ? The structure of a
    switch is known. You just have to decide on the isolation.
    This then determines how many diodes you'll take.
    The detail lies in the geometrical layout.

  3. Guest

    Well not really, it could be a reflective switch or absorbtive switch.
    Obviously, one reflects the signal not switched in, the other doesn't.
    (I'm assuming we're talking about PIN diode switchs)
  4. A couple of tuned PIN diodes and resonant cavities, with proper
    waveguides, should do the trick.

    Why hasn't the teacher covered this part of the course?

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