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InFocus LP420 video projector

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by N_Cook, Jun 27, 2012.

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  1. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Dumped but with what looks like a brand new lamp inside.
    I assume the projector failed and owner bought a new lamp but because a bit
    of a work up changing them , left it inside. Lamp reset sequence makes no
    difference, factory reset is via Menu screen. No response to the control
    panel buttons as far as the same LEDs stay the same. I've found the control
    line for lamp-on and taking the downstream side of its opto coupler H , the
    discharge lamp triggers and works fine .
    The so-called service manual out there is no help as board-level replacement
    "repair" only. All solder except the BGAs (as unseen) seem ok
    All DC levels for the controllers seem ok. As this lamp-on control rapidly
    goes to one of the 2 BGA proprietries labelled PENG and GUIN (have to be
    called something) is that the end of any repair?
    I will reassemble , now with a usable lamp , and see if anything turns up on
    the video screen
  2. N_Cook

    N_Cook Guest

    Replaced a poor ESR 100uF on the main control pcb but no uC control of the
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