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Info on DDR SDRAM chips?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Jeff Walther, Mar 25, 2005.

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  1. Jeff Walther

    Jeff Walther Guest

    I have a chance to pick up a sealed brick of DDR chips, which would be
    handy for a project I'm working on. However, there's no manufacturer
    information on the packaging, and I have had zero luck searching up any
    other info (Google and such) on what part information I have.

    The label on the brick says:

    Part No.: K321602BT-H-A
    Item Code: 32*16 DDR TSOP

    So I'm pretty sure these are 32M X 16 DDR SDRAM chips (8 of them on a 512
    MB DIMM). However, without a pinout and preferably a datasheet they won't
    be much use.

    I have seen a loose chip, but there are no meaningful markings on the chip
    (nothing resembling a part number).

    The chip package is a 50 pin TSOP (pins on the two long edges). So if you
    have a loose DDR DIMM laying around and feel like counting the pins to see
    if the chips are 50 pinners, that could lead to some useful info.

    In my searching, I found that Samsung chips of the suspected capacity have
    66 pins. Micron chips of this capacity have 54 (or was it 56) pins. I
    suspect that if I can find a similarly organized chip by a known company,
    in the 50 pin package, that the pinout will probably be the same. Of
    course, I still won't have speed information, but my application doesn't
    require super high performance.

    I would appreciate any information or pointers (or funny jokes) anyone out
    there can provide. No matter how good a deal I could get on the brick,
    it's worthless unless I have enough information on the chips to use them.
    The current owner says he got them in a lot with some other stuff.

    Thank you for any helpful or humorous suggestions.
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