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Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by Bernard H. Merems, Aug 18, 2003.

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  1. I am looking for information on the design of a Beveridge-type
    "acoustical lens/waveguide" for electrostatic loudspeakers. It has
    the property of taking a line source and bending it 180 degrees to
    create a cylindrical wavefront. Of interest are dimensions of
    waveguide, curves and/or plots for shaping the various channels to
    bend the sound--and even the purchase of a "salvaged" or ruined lens
    from an old B. speaker. Also, printed information and papers on this
    item available in the public domain.

    Has anyone applied this iventor's cylindrical wavefront concept to
    other commercial electrostatic loudspeakers or has fabricated such a
    "lens" for personal use?

    All leads, ideas, suggestions and material greatly welcomed, with
    my thanks:

    Bernard H. Merems
  2. ueb

    ueb Guest

    You may treat acoustic lenses etc. like analogous optical systems.
    Have a look at .
    It is in German, but you can see as you can reach me.
    You may mail me then.

    Ulrich Bruchholz
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