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Influence of external unwanted signals

Discussion in 'Security Alarms' started by [email protected]|. . . i disregard all email, Jul 10, 2003.

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  1. Radio frequency interference is cuased by an "external" transmitter
    who generate an unwanted disturbing signal to ALL types of wireless
    alarm systems opperating on that frequency.

    Due to that, all wireless alarm systems in the vincinity are

  2. I know that i'm unwanted by pro's.
    Its not pro's that i like to convince that wireless alarm systems are
    scrap, they know it.
    Its new readers who have to find true me the reality about the
    unreliability of wireless alarm systems, that more important.
  3. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    You're tilting at a "windmill", William... He keeps going "around and
    around"... If you'll notice his arguments haven't changed one bit from the
    day he first starting ranting... Many have tried to reason with him.
    You've presented excellent information... My best advice... sit back and
    watch him "spin"...
  4. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    Instead of beating the hell out of him, I'd opt to give him some English
    lessons and a pat on the head... "nice try, Paulie"...

    Yeah... it's doubtful they'd allow this "low level" jerk in but hey... you
    never know...
  5. J. Stevens

    J. Stevens Guest

    William Allen Scheer wrote
    Apparently not. The governor and all members of the California legislature
    are able to travel at will.
  6. I know Franck, its only my "scrap" equipments who beheave correctly to
    radio wave laws and RFI..

  7. Its easier to go to IRAQ, you don't need a visa.. a few bombs to kill
    the opponents to your idea, a few personal mines (cluster bombs) to
    keep them busy during years with little personnel damage, and IRAQI
    people is salified.
    What is needed to go to the US.. an airplane with fuel, a bad pilot..
    well in fact i don't know, do you?

  8. Why do you not mention the systems who include this nice imaginative
    thinking and how its done (according to what principle?), it can be
    Why do you say: "can be used to trigger a tamper-loop or similar
    Why that "can", is it not implemented yet?
    Are you a manufacturer planning to implement your imaginative ideas?
  9. Strange, didn't i mention you a few months ago that during a visit (us
    persons) in the NL a visitor asked to the guide what is that big
    blower for?
    Answer given by the guide: to refresh the air of the cows..
    Where you part of that visit?
    As i understand your reasoning, whit my posts i give fresh air to the
    so called ignorant pro's in order to refresh theyre mind when i say

    Wireless alarm systems are unreliable when an RF intruder transmitter
    operates on the frequency and produce RFI..

    Thanks for that big wing wave help mister Don Quichote.

  10. Frank Olson

    Frank Olson Guest

    The thing I loved about NL was "tiptoeing through the tulips"...

    There are no ignorant pros... Just ignoramuses like you...

    You're welcome, Pablo or Paulo, or Paula, or Pueblo or whatever the heck it
    is you're calling yourself these days...
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