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Infinity Spkr Questions?

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Rob Mills, Feb 8, 2007.

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  1. Rob Mills

    Rob Mills Guest

    I picked up a pair of Infinity SM112's at an estate sale this morning. They
    are in pretty civil shape but will have to refoam the woofers and already
    have new foam ordered. I hooked them up briefly and they sound fine despite
    the one woofer that has the damaged foam. I will also have to do something
    with one tweeter that has a damaged foam dust cover and doubt I will find an
    exact replacement.

    My question is, would there be anything wrong with just using a piece of
    flat thin foam similar to what the domed cover was made of or maybe a loose
    weave fabric???
    Any of you speaker gurus have any thoughts? RM~
  2. Jerry G.

    Jerry G. Guest

    The materials used for speakers are designed to have precise matched
    acoustic properties. You should send the speaker drivers out to have
    them rebuilt or to order new drivers from the manufacture rep.

    If you want to go the cheap way, look on the net and find a place that
    sells the foam kits for the speakers. These can be tricky to properly

    Jerry G.
  3. Rob Mills

    Rob Mills Guest

    I have the kits for the woofers and don't see any problems there. What I am
    concerned about is the foam dome shaped dust covers on the pollycell
    tweeters. One is torn off but tweeter works fine. It looks like I could just
    replace with a flat (no dome) piece of thin open foam or maybe even a piece
    of loose woven fabric. Was more or less hoping to find someone who was
    familiar with the Infinity pollycell tweeter that might have some other
    solution or maybe even know of a source for an original dust cover. RM~
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