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inexpensive standalone monochrome LCD touchscreen 3x5" note cards?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by [email protected], Oct 10, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    Does anyone know if someone manufactures something like this, or
    manufactures an inexpensive (monochrome ok) touchscreen LCD display
    (3x5" = okay) ? I am curious how expensive/difficult it would be to
    build touchscreen notecards - just a "dumb" screen that you draw/write
    on with a stylus and it holds the image in memory (kind of like an
    etch-a-sketch). It would probably have 2 or 3 buttons - one to erase
    it, one for "erase mode" - when you hold that down, pen input erases
    instead of draws, possibly a 3rd button to "open image from sd". It
    would have an SD slot to xfer images off of it (or possibly a mini-USB
    plug to sync to computer). When you plug in a SD card you'd see a
    sorted list of filenames on the SD card with a scrollbar. Scroll down
    to the image you want and click on it to edit in the device. Basically
    it would be a dedicated dumb digital input device, powered by a
    lithium battery like in a motherboard, or small watch battery (like in
    a laser pointer) or maybe a solar cell. The initial idea for these was
    to use as 3x5" note cards for project planning (ie scrum development)
    so the target price would be as cheap as possible so you could have a
    bunch of them (50-100) at meetings. I'd be curious to hear people's
    knowledge of any such products/components that could be used for
  2. Impmon

    Impmon Guest


    older Palm have mono LCD and touch capability. I've seen software
    that turned the Palm into external LCD monitor, making it external
    touch screen device that are slaved to a PC is possible. Palm m100
    and 105 are found cheap on eBay but it doesn't offer back light if
    that matters.
  3. Guest

    That's pretty cool - do you have any links for instructions on how to
    do that?

    Did the software or hack also turn the touchscreen into an input
    device for the PC?

    Has anyone seen anything like this - software or hack or mod - that
    lets you connect a Pocket PC or older Win CE device to a Windows
    machine to use as a combo external monitor / touchscreen input
    device? It would be pretty cool to be able to use your old PDA (or
    touchscreen cell phone) as a touchscreen game controller like with the
    Nintendo DS ...
  4. Phlip

    Phlip Guest

    Can't you do XP with even _less_ than index cards? Such as a list of
    features on a whiteboard with a ___ before each one for a check mark?

    We have all seen how over-engineering something leads to abusing it...

    We do nearly pure XP at work and I haven't seen a card in a couple days...
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