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inexpensive dialup

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Mar 10, 2008.

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  1. Guest

    My internet provider was charging us 5.00 a month and was just sold to
    a company thats raising our rates. Does anyone know of a provider that
    is still dirt cheap. thanks, Lenny.
  2. exray

    exray Guest

    Netzero is out there in many areas. I think they are something like $10
    or $12 a month.

    Don't feel dialup costs $18.95/mo and stinks.

  3. JeffM

    JeffM Guest
  4. Is that some kind of joke? I can't read Chinese.
  5. Yeah, it's some kind of a joke. Who the **** uses dial up anymore?
  6. most broadband providers are dirt cheap now
  7. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    Mine is $30/month, that's the cheapest I found at the time and is 6 times
    what he was paying for dialup. For people who only do email, I suppose
    dialup is still fine.
  8. Not where I live.. The cheapest broadband here is about $40 / month.
  9. Jee... Thanks for that.. Your just loaded with usefull info. Beleive it or
    not there are still places without broadband.. Many places around where I
    live aren't serviced by broadband.
  10. James Sweet

    James Sweet Guest

    I wonder if it's one troll, or multiple people? I've honestly been curious
    to see what sort of person does that, clearly they have more free time than
    I do.
  11. msg

    msg Guest


    Don't feed the troll(s) ;-)

    Just a heads up to all readers of this N.G.; inspect the
    message headers on _all_ messages into the foreseeable future
    to avoid replies to trolls and forgers.
  12. You might try here to see if they have service in your area. At $3.33 per
    month if you pay per year, it doesn't get much cheaper. I have never used
    them so can't vouch for them. I used to have AllVantage but I see they were


    The connection is free, but all you get is spam. Anything that is not
    spam is filtered out. But who cares. After ya get drunk it all looks
    the same.

  14. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    ....if you tell idiots to stop sending you 3MB HTML pages.
    The reason I previously posted the link to the Chinese ISP
    was that, on this newsgroup (with worldwide coverage),
    the OP didn't bother to state where he is located.

    Mentioning Rhode Island would have been apt.

    This is where to find a cheap ISP:

  15. Where are you? Most cheap ISPs have limited service areas.

    -- is home to cowards and terrorists

    Add this line to your news proxy nfilter.dat file
    * drop Path:*!not-for-mail to drop all traffic.
  16. Guest

  17. msg

    msg Guest

    Some years ago I needed a "dirt-cheap" dialup service for occasional
    testing from an outside network into our network; I used ''
    which is a reseller of ISP services, and which used an ISP local to
    us that normally charged $30.00/mo for the same services. Using the
    same ISP that we used for other services made for convenience in
    dealing with network issues, and the service was 'local', not some
    understaffed, outsourced national outfit. I'm sure that there are
    many resellers out there, but FWIW, this one worked.

  18. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

  19. 603-371-5050


    I have heard good things about for low cost

    -- is home to cowards and terrorists

    Add this line to your news proxy nfilter.dat file
    * drop Path:*!not-for-mail to drop all traffic.
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