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indoor antennas for HDTV?

Discussion in 'Misc Electronics' started by [email protected], Nov 22, 2008.

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  1. Guest

    I am not able to use a roof top antenna in the office where I have a
    crt tv with a newly purchased digital/analog converter. Is one
    type of indoor antenna better than another?
    Any recommendations as to the best indoor antenna? best, Aaron
  2. Rich Webb

    Rich Webb Guest

    Start with a simple UHF loop antenna and see what you get. If that's not
    enough, the DB2 is a popular outdoor antenna that some folks are using
    indoors (it's relatively small).
  3. JeffM

    JeffM Guest

    The *antenna* might be the least of your problems.
    The building itself might be a Faraday cage:*-*-*-electrical-fields*-*-*-screens+qq-qq+uu+foil-backed.insulation

    If the building is part of a "concrete canyon",
    that will be an additional issue.

    Airplanes in flight can kill DTV for minutes at a time
    and even mild weather can make it completely useless:*-*+*-*-*-*-*-that-night
  4. Guest

    A 12 inch piece of wire out the back of the converter works near a
    window for the strongest stations at my location.

    RadioShack has a $30 outdoor UHF antenna that's about 40 inches long
    and 25 inches high (assembled) - It will fit above most suspended
    ceilings. I have one set up in my basement (yes, below ground),
    pointed up at an angle and in the general direction of the TV
    transmitters. The converter sees about 20 stations with this antenna.

  5. alchazz

    alchazz Guest

    I use an old set of rabbit ears with a 300 ohm to cable adaptor. In my
    area I pick up 27 HDTV stations. My antenna is in my walk out basement
    close to the ceiling. Part of my good luck is that I am only about 2 to 3
    miles away from 3 1000 ft TV/FM/Cell antennas. No need for cable here.

    The TV signals are so powerful they interfere with the wireless car door
    locks under certain conditions.

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