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increasing number of frequency digits in AC analysis in spice 2G6

Discussion in 'CAD' started by [email protected], Mar 5, 2007.

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  1. Guest

    I'm trying to increase the number of digits in the _frequency column_
    of an ac-analysis like this:
    ..options numdgt=7
    unfortunately this does only increase the number of digits in the
    "voltage (and current) columns" , the frequency column however is

    1.122E-02 -2.153112E-02

    in which the first value represents the frequency and the second a
    Can anyone tell me how to make spice 2g6 to generate more digits for
    the first value?

  2. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    In the .AC analysis specify finer steps.

    ...Jim Thompson
  3. Guest

    I tried this but it doesn't help as Spice just begins to repeat
    frequency values in stead of refining them e.g.
    1.006E+01 -3.601257E+01
    1.006E+01 -3.601690E+01
    1.007E+01 -3.602124E+01
    1.007E+01 -3.602557E+01
    1.008E+01 -3.602991E+01
    1.008E+01 -3.603424E+01
    1.009E+01 -3.603856E+01
    1.009E+01 -3.604289E+01

  4. Jim Thompson

    Jim Thompson Guest

    Maybe it's 2G6. In PSpice, with 101 Points per Decade, I'm getting
    *15* place accuracy for Frequency.

    ...Jim Thompson
  5. Guest

    yes, it is 2G6 I am using, it seems hard to believe it is not
    possible to increase the number of digits in the frequency column. Is
    this a bug? Or is there a workaround (except using PSpice of course)
    b.t.w. Spice 3F _does_ give 7 digits for the frequency
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