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In the basics of ELECTRONICS.

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by bcon1, Jul 8, 2010.

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  1. bcon1

    bcon1 Guest

    How is the RESISTANCES of what a simpled small resistor is, in that the
    overall dynamics are accompanied by math that is an accurate impulsives as
    it is in the COORDINATION, of what we are - that is in the OPERATiON, of
    what we see.

    Now, this is a trick Question for the Buggers. In FACT it is so simple that
    anyone who is not IT, to it cannot see.
    I'll point it ouT.

    In other words, who is doing the Math?

    MORONs Teaching college!

    Hint: the essence of energy is biology & they have NEVER seen a competent
    teacher that has endorsed the bio-theories of magnetism or others in the
    overall inducers of what a coHesionary platforms is.
    Bio-Kinetic ENERGY, or electricitY.
  2. bcon1

    bcon1 Guest

    It is NOT MY FAULT, that you are Being taught buy a MORON!
  3. And who were you taught buy? The great pumpkin king? You're too stupid to
    understand science but are smart enough to understand all that other hocus
    pocus crap.

    I guess you have a lot of stock in the irenew bracelet... I bet you that
    some guy pulled on your arm and you felt the difference so it must be

    What has your magical stuff done for humanity compared to science?

    Those morons teaching in schools at least teach stuff that actually can be
    demonstrated to work.

    What you are really poing out is that if those guys are morons then you are
    a few orders of magnitude more ignorant.

    I guess your just upset cause some "teacher" shot down your dream of selling
    a bunch of rocks that you claim improve libedo because you once got an
    errection after touching one.
  4. bcon1

    bcon1 Guest

  5. ohhh... what a real intelligent reply. You must be proud of yourself! I
    guess you think your pretty high up on the food chain? You would think with
    a ego... oops, I mean, brain as large as your you could come up with a
    better response, right?
  6. Cause he'll starve and die?!?! You do realize that under the new
    administration we must redistribute the food?
  7. Well, he was not taught by morons, imbeciles, or idiots. No, something much
    lower. Phil?

  8. Jamie

    Jamie Guest

    ok now, lets be nice! :)
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