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In Need of an Electronic Valve

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Geuis, Oct 14, 2003.

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  1. Geuis

    Geuis Guest

    I am trying to find an electronic valve that is very small. I am
    getting together the parts for a project that will connect to a
    kitchen sink faucet I am trying to find an electronic valve that will
    be small enough to control waterflow through a kitchen sink but is not
    so huge as to make the attachment, when completed, a monster in size.
    I would really appreciate if anyone can point me in the direction of
    some valves like this, or at least to some companies or websites that
    have a selection of electronic valves so that I can do some further
    Appreciate the help, thanks.

  2. Some toilets at work have the auto flush gizmo on them. They run off
    a few AA cells. Seems like a good place to start looking. And there
    are other solenoid operated valves used for control of such stuff as
    medical fluids.

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  3. Tell us what you are trying to do, there may be better ways. Does it
    need to be quickly/conveniently attached or detached, or can it be
    permanently connected under the sink? Is this a one off? Since you
    said the faucet, I'll assume for now that means it must be visible. You
    still might be able to use a dishwasher water control valve and cover
  4. Graham W

    Graham W Guest

    Even domestic washing machines and dish-washers use them
    to admit the water to the drum/whatever. Try your local repair centre.
  5. getting together the parts for a project that will connect to a
    Ummm.... (cautiously looking for trick question, and not finding
    one)... have you considered repurposing a regular
    infra-red-motion-sensing automatic faucet as used in many fine
    airports, movie sets, restaurants, federal prisons and other places of
    public entertainment? That has the item you want (it's called a
    solenoid valve) already built into a faucet compatible with standard
    household fittings. Look at Delta's range of products.
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