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In-line fuse

Discussion in 'Electrical Engineering' started by Den, Nov 1, 2004.

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  1. Den

    Den Guest


    I have a step-up transformer (115V->230V) rated for 100VA that I use for
    powering various low wattage European appliances. I've had a visitor from
    Europe use it and overload it. It heated-up quite nicely, but fortunately
    seems to be undamaged. I'd like to put an inline fuse on the input (i.e.
    115V) side to prevent inadvertant overloads by people who don't understand
    what "you can use it for your hair curler but not for your hairdrier" means.

    Does anyone know of a modular unit that has a standard US plug on one side,
    socket on the other and a modular fuse? Hmm, sounds like I'm trying to
    build a UK-style plug!


  2. Daniel Woodhead makes a 15 amp,125 volt plug with a fuse holder in it.
    Model number 14F47 is yellow and Model number 85125 is hospital grade
    transparent. You can see them here: wd.pdf

    You will need to go to an electrical supply house to purchase one. It may
    not be a stock item for some of the smaller supply houses.

    John Grabowski
  3. Den

    Den Guest


    Thanks for this. At the moment we only have 110V circuits in our house. I
    might get a couple of 220V circuits run when I start to remodel (but not
    just yet!)

  4. Den

    Den Guest


    Thanks for this.

    Out of interest, why is it only the UK & Ireland that routinely put fuses in


  5. I don't think they are the only ones but it may be due to the use of ring
    distribution circuits rather than radial. With no fuse in the plug, the
    first fuse outside the equipment would be 30A or some 7.5kW.
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