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In Circuit PIC reading

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Paul \( Skiing8 \), Feb 21, 2005.

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  1. Hi

    I have a circuit that has a PIC controller and it has 5 connection points
    that are connected to the correct points for in circuit programming. I also
    have a PIC programmer board with an in circuit programming header. My idea
    was to read the code on the PIC, possible modify it. So I hooked it all up
    and when I went to read it the programmer did not find a PIC chip to read. I
    did not venture any farther because I thought that code protection may be
    enabled on the PIC, but then when I thought some more I realised it may be
    my connections or something wrong with what I was doing. Before I try again
    can anyone tell me what happens when trying to read a code protected PIC?
    Does it find it but not read it or not find it completly like I already
    Also can I do any damage to the circuit(as long as everything is connected
    to the right connections)?

  2. Mark VB

    Mark VB Guest

    Some PIC's read out scrambled, others all zero. Your programmer should
    be able to check whether there's a PIC connected or not. If all
    connections are made according to Microchip's recommendations (not just
    wired) you will not damage your circuit.

    Mark Van Borm
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