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imp:Software defined Radio

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by Mohamed Bakr, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. Mohamed Bakr

    Mohamed Bakr Guest


    I am Eng.Mohamed Abo Bakr
    plz i want anyone help that could help me in my project
    I am working in SDR project " software defined radio " and i am
    dealing with sound applications and my design is based on embedded
    systems over FPGA .

    Now i want to apply bluetooth standard in SDR system but still i found
    a leakage in information in this feild so anyone " bluetooth standard
    in SDR " so any one could help me plzz send me C++ codes or system
    thx so much for reading mail.
  2. John Barrett

    John Barrett Guest

    I'm a bit confused as to your intent here

    there are several open hardware/software SDR system projects available from
    ham radio resources, though none that I'm aware of that specifically target
    2.4 ghz

    Bluetooth has a number of off the shelf chipsets that will interface nicely
    with any embedded/microcontroller hardware, you can look at their
    specifications and the core Bluetooth specifications to find out exactly
    what the major functional blocks of your system will need to acomplish.

    if you are talking about implementing Bluetooth using SDR for the baseband,
    you arent talking about anything particularly difficult..

    downshift the 2.4 ghz segment to somplace comfortable to work like 10mhz
    (there are chips available that will handle both downshifting for recieve,
    and upshifting for transmit) bandpass that to reject signals outside the
    band, digitize at 80 mhz or so -- and feed that to your DSP for FHSS signal
    detection and decoding (which is where you go talk to the DSP gurus)

    On recieve.. Bluetooth uses 79 discreet frequencies, so an FFT could
    probably pick out the signals well enough, though that is probably somehat
    of a brute force solution. Implementing 79 filters in the DSP may be a more
    elegant method to watch all the frequencies in realtime. DSP guys would know
    better than me on that one.

    on transmit -- you are essentially putting out one of 79 frequencies, one at
    a time according to the FHSS hopping pattern.. simple enough with a DSP
    frequency synthesizer.

    A little more information on what you are tying to accomplish would help me
    give you a better answer !!
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