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Illumination mcd for flashlight bulbs ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by ef, Aug 5, 2005.

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  1. ef

    ef Guest

    Anyone know, or point me towards the light output, preferably in mcd's,
    for normal flashlight bulbs, P9 base, or screw, 2.4v, 4.8v, 6v etc

  2. I believe that the mCd is dependent on the reflector, and how narrow the
    beam is, so it can't be determined with just the lamp itself. The lamp
    catalogs give the ratings in candlepower.

    Go to Don's lighting pages for more info,
  3. I don't give any specific photometric numbers of any incandescent
    flashlight lamps there.

    Most "miniature lamps" have output stated in "spherical candlepower" or
    "MSCP", one of which is 4-pi lumens. Assuming a straight or only slightly
    curved filament, candela in the plane perpendicular to the filament axis
    is higher by a ratio close to 4/pi.

    As for candela of a flashlight: Yes it is true, this is heavily a
    function of a flashlight's optics. However, this is limited to frontal
    area of the reflector (or lens) times the surface brightness of the
    filament in candela per square centimeter, which I consider very unlikely
    to exceed 3,300 (half the figure for a 3300 Kelvin blackbody) - much less
    for lamps with a vacuum (require lower filament temperature), such as
    PR-2, 14, and most others under about a watt or both under 3 watts and
    drawing less than about .35 amp unless noted as having a premium gas fill
    or being halogen.

    I have major doubts about the "candlepower" claims of most of those
    supposedly million and multimillion candlepower handheld spotlights.

    - Don Klipstein ()
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