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IIYAMA Monitor

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Nick Funk, Aug 2, 2003.

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  1. Nick Funk

    Nick Funk Guest

    I have an IIYAMA Vision Master Pro17 (model # MT-9017E)
    It has been a great monitor except today when I turned on my computer
    and monitor the monitor only shows a very bright very thin line running
    from top to bottom in the very center of the screen. Nothing else is
    shown. I tried several times turning the monitor off and on without
    success. I unpluged the SVGA cable from the graphics card, still same
    problem. Could not display the monitor's menu function either.

    Anybody knows what could be causing this problem? Estimated cost to
    repair? Or where I can find schematics for this monitor?

    Any information is greatly appreciated!

  2. u1061771156

    u1061771156 Guest

    Ken is quite correct. This monitor has separate HV generation from H scan.

    I debugged an identical failure a year or so ago. It turned out to be a
    bad soldered joint. The horizontal output transistor is the 2SC5294,
    the B+ is regulated by the 2SA1673. I'd suggest you start by examining
    the solder joints on these and work outwards from there. Sadly I didn't note
    down in my notes exactly which joint fixed it (but yours could well be a
    different one anyway).

    I have a partial schematic of this area (manually traced) which I could
    be presuaded to scan and email. Also some voltage readings.

    Do not run it much in this condition or you risk burning the screen.

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