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IHF Noise Measurement Weighting

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by Tak, Jun 4, 2005.

  1. Tak

    Tak Guest

    I hope any guru here would help me on this.

    I want to have the filter parameter for IHF noise measurement
    weighting. They are so called A, B, and C weighting.

    I vaguely remember parameters, say A filter's low-cut is
    somewhere 800Hz by 6dB/oct, and high-cut is around 5kHz by
    B is wider, and C is further wider.
    The parameters I want are:

    Weight Low Slope - High Slope
    A xxxHz xxxdB/oct - xxxHz xxxdB/oct
    B xxxHz xxxdB/oct - xxxHz xxxdB/oct
    C xxxHz xxxdB/oct - xxxHz xxxdB/oct

    Thanks in advance
  2. Dale H. Cook

    Dale H. Cook Guest

    Those parameters are determined by published graphs. You can either
    purchase a copy of IEC 60651, or see a standard reference such as The
    Audio Cyclopedia.

    Dale H. Cook, Chief Engineer, Centennial Broadcasting,
    Roanoke/Lynchburg, VA - WZZI / WZZU / WLNI
  3. Tak

    Tak Guest

    Thanks, Dale.
    Appreciate the information.
    I have ordered G. Ballou's "Handbook for Sound Engineers" at
    Amazon. It's 2005 edition. I hope this carries the graph.
    I found the "Audio Cyclopedia" seems a bit old.

    Looked at IEC standards for 60651 as I knew the number before
    posting this newsgroup, but could not find it.

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