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IGBT - Orcad Capture model

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by Simon_R, Mar 21, 2016.

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  1. Simon_R


    Mar 21, 2016

    I want to link an IGBT .mod file to the model provided by the breakout.lib (ZbreakN) of Orcad Capture. I added the component of the breakout library, right-clicked, 'Edit Pspice model' and then pasted the text of a model that I found on the internet. I also tried to do it via Model -> Import after I pasted the model parameters in a .mod file(created via Notepad)

    But I always keep getting the same error: ERROR -- Model IXGH20N120BD1 used by Z_Z4 is undefined

    THe Igbt that I would like to use: * source IXGH20N120BD1 *$ .SUBCKT IXGH28N120BD1 C G E D_D1 E C DSEP8-12A Z_Q1 C G E IXGH28N120B *DEVICE=IXGH28N120B,NIGBT * IXGH28N120B NIGBT model * updated using Model Editor release 9.2.1 on 02/24/04 at 16:54 * The Model Editor is a PSpice product hem. .MODEL IXGH28N120B NIGBT + TAU=117.55E-9 + KP=10.139 + AREA=25.000E-6 + AGD=10.000E-6 + WB=117.00E-6 + VT=4.2231 + MUN=3.5000E3 + MUP=900 + BVF=6.5380 + KF=.5005 + CGS=18.567E-9 + COXD=37.349E-9 + VTD=-5 *DEVICE=DSEP8-12A,D * DSEP8-12A D model * updated using Model Editor release 9.2.1 on 02/25/04 at 11:09 * The Model Editor is a PSpice product hem. .MODEL DSEP8-12A D + IS=3.7288E-6 + N=4.9950 + RS=72.502E-3 + IKF=999 + CJO=1.0000E-12 + M=.3333 + VJ=.75 + ISR=4.8113E-6 + BV=1.2002E3 + IBV=21.554E-3 + TT=31.929E-9 .ENDS *$

    Probably a very simple question if you know how to do it but I can't find the right way :/ Any help is appreciated :)
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