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idle: yet another current-limiting scenario...

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by BGB, Mar 12, 2015.

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  1. BGB


    Nov 30, 2014
    ok, here is the scenario this time:
    I am still using ADRS-550SH motors, for another thing this time.

    some stats for the motors:
    Operating voltage: 3-16V
    No load speed (min.): 19,000rpm
    No load current: 1.4A
    Stall current*: 74A
    Max. efficiency current: 10A
    Max. efficiency power output: 85.0W
    Max. efficiency torque: 470g-cm
    Stall torque*: 3750g-cm

    and am left wondering about how hard I can run the motors without risking damaging them.

    my guess is probably 96W or 120W is reasonably safe.
    but, trying to push, say, 376W through them, is probably not safe.

    good data on these is hard to find, in the sense of "how much will these actually do?" and "about how much continuous load can they handle without risking burning up the coils?...".

    if I want to protect them with fuses, is 20A per motor a good value?...

    decided for now to leave out going too much into what I am using them for in this case (not sure if relevant).
    will say that it involves using them to spin propellers to try to air-lift modest sized loads.

    will see how much power I can get from some actual prototypes... fingers crossed it doesn't suck and approx 480W (spread over 4 motors) or so can actually lift something. ( for an initial earlier test, approx 11W gives me something about like a table-fan at least ).

  2. BGB


    Nov 30, 2014
    left out (kind of the original), but also considered, would be per-motor current limiting circuits, or possibly small series resistors (such as 0.2 ohm, likely made from a segment of welding-wire or similar), possibly in addition to the use of fuses.

    or, maybe using a nail as a shunt resistor and use this for the current limiter.

    note that power source is likely to be from LiFePO4 batteries, but I may consider later using a small ICE and a generator to extend running time (IOW: powering it using gasoline).

    still, thoughts?...
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