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idiots guide to 5vdc amplification

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Ian Tedridge, Jan 6, 2006.

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  1. Ian Tedridge

    Ian Tedridge Guest

    Can somebody help an idiot such as myself.

    I have a 0Vdc to 5Vdc variable signal of which I need to amplify to a
    variable range of 0Vdc to 10Vdc.

    Thought I needed an OpAmp to do this, but can't recall how to go about it,
    or what hardware I will need.

    Can anybody give me a simple guide as to what I need to do to achieve this.
    I am only talking Milliamps here.

  2. Andrew Holme

    Andrew Holme Guest

  3. An opamp may be a good way to do this. You connect the signal to the
    + input and connect the output to a divider made of two equal
    resistors, say 10k ohms. the other end of the divider goes to ground
    and the junction of the two resistors connects to the - input. The
    opamp will need a supply of at least 0 to 10 volts, if it is a rail to
    rail type, but at least 0 to 13 volts if it is a single supply type
    (like the Quad LM324) or at least -3 to 13 if it is a general purpose

    To check the configuration, verify that the two inputs at at similar
    voltages at the ends of the signal range. At zero volts in and 0
    volts out, there is zero volts on each input. At 5 volts signal and
    10 volts out, there is 5 volts on each input b(the signal on one, and
    the output divided by 2 on the other).
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