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Identix TouchSafe II fingerprint scanner

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by James Laird zWaRd, Jul 23, 2003.

  1. I've come across a pile of old TouchSafe II fingerprint scanners.
    They're pretty old, and they used a proprietary ISA interface card. I
    didn't get any cards with the scanners, so I'm trying to reverse
    engineer them far enough to build some sort of adapter.

    The devices each consist of a main board, an image sensor + lens on a
    subboard, and some finger illumination LEDs on another.

    I have had some luck finding the wiring of the LED drivers/voltage
    regulators to the (20-pin) connector on the board, but my progress in
    the imaging department is blocked by the fact that I can't find a
    datasheet for the main imaging chips: a Sharp IR3P66 and a Sharp
    LZ95G69. If anyone has a datasheet for these, I'd love a scan.

    Of course, if anyone has schematics for either the device or the
    interface board, that would be even better :)

    James Laird
  2. Did you try to get in touch with the manufacture themselves, to see if
    they would help you???

    Just a thought...

    Jerry Greenberg
  3. They've completely ignored my requests - one through the automatic
    email form, and one directly emailed to their support area. At least
    they could tell me "no!" :)

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