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Identifying a lead to board connector

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by jpr0, Apr 19, 2011.

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  1. jpr0


    Apr 19, 2011
    Hi everyone,
    It's my first time posting here, so sorry if this is in the wrong section.

    I need help identifying a 3-pin lead-to-board connector, an image of which is here:


    The connector (in that image) is connecting a chassis fan on a PC case to... well I'd say motherboard, but the connector is not a standard 3-pin molex connector that you find on most fans (the full webpage that contains that image is here:

    I have this connector on a CCFL lamp, and would like to make a converter lead that takes this kind of connector and converts it to other connector types. The trouble I'm having is identifying the above part. Any help is appreciated!

  2. MattyMatt


    Mar 24, 2011
    As far as that particular connector goes, I am not sure what it is called. However it does look like it would possibly fit... but it may just be tight. if you have tried already which I assume you have, please correct me if I am wrong, I would say the side that is up right now, would go against the guide on the motherboard.

    Anyway, if you have already done so, to no avail. There is a way to take apart the connect and fit another one on... what I would look at is the polarity of the wires very carefully.

    The problem is, doing so is not really difficult, but the little pins may not match up the same way (sometimes the little metal receptacles are polarized) , and they may also break/bend out of shape (they do fairly easily)... the only way to get them out is generally from the bottom of the connector (as pictured above) probably has little slits that you can use a probe (NOT a test probe!) or a small flat-bladed screw driver, and you press into the little slit with just a small amount of force and pull the wire from the plastic housing at the same time.

    If you are going to do that I recommend using a small bench vice to hold the plastic connector so you can free up a hand to gently pull the wire and receptacle out from the plastic.

    If you see no little holes or slits... well you may just have to cut and solder a new connector on... or you could just replace the fan.

    Good luck!
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