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Identifying a component

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by Sinewave, Feb 28, 2016.

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  1. Sinewave


    Feb 15, 2013
    Hi all,

    I have a few components which I'm having difficulty identifying.

    Both measure around 0.2ohms, so dead short really. Not sure what they are to be honest. Having 100k on them, I thought they might have been some kind of resistor. Thanks.


  2. davenn

    davenn Moderator

    Sep 5, 2009
    it's an inductor

    not sure of 100K is 0.1 uH or something else

    some one else may chime in

    it doesn't look faulty so I doubt there is a need to replace it
  3. Colin Mitchell

    Colin Mitchell

    Aug 31, 2014
    100 is 10 microhenry
    100 is 10
    101 is 100
    102 is 1,000
    103 is 10,000 microhenry
    K is the tolerance - like 2%, 5% or 10%

    It is an inductor
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  4. 73's de Edd

    73's de Edd

    Aug 21, 2015

    Sinewave . . . . .

    10 micro henry 5% tolerance


    73's de Edd
  5. Sinewave


    Feb 15, 2013
    Thanks all. Popped it back into the circuit. Think I've traced the fault down to a Mosfet, but after that it's all SMC, so very small and hard to get to.
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