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identify part

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by William Wixon, Sep 11, 2006.

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  1. hi,
    like others here have said, i don't know a thing about electronics. hoping
    to ask here for help. i de-potted an electronic fluorescent lamp ballast.
    accidentally broke off one of the components. hoping someone can tell me
    what it is and where to get a replacement. i uploaded a (enlarged) picture
    of it at

  2. thanks Homer and GPG.

    turns out i broke another component.

    don't know if it'll be possible to identify it from only half.

    (i CAREFULLY packed both halves in a sealed container, brought it inside the
    house from my shop to scan (magnify) it, and when i opened the container
    there was only ONE half in it. sucks! have no idea where it went or how it
    got lost. the little wires sticking out are magnetic and i went all over
    the shop and my room here with a magnet but still couldn't find the other
    half. is it possible to identify it by only just seeing half?!) (some of
    the components have some identifying marks on the printed circuit board,
    there is, what i think says "D103" in the vicinity of where this thing went
    but it's kinda so far away i'm not sure if it is or is not referring to this
    part) (i think that black on the end WAS a black stripe that went all the
    way around it, not sure though)

    thanks again.

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