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Ideas of perfect

Discussion in 'Hobby Electronics' started by bcon1, Feb 14, 2010.

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  1. bcon1

    bcon1 Guest

    The main things that are in Fact a "central themes operator" are in fact a
    ideas of what "type" of mainframe in that he whole ideas of what it is that
    we in fact see & seek with, is in fact a normality of what we in fact see &
    seek in
    as a normality of what the questions is; in the ideas of what a simpled
    ideas inters
    overall indexer is,

    Is "The'se computers core mainframe aware of the internals of what a simpled
    indexer is in the ideas of what we are as an overall indications of what we
    as an overall indicator of what type of mini-mainframer it is "powered by"'

    What I am saying here is that the operations of the most critical parts of a
    "computers" appear to be the lowest voltage. Now, don't say the Heat cink.
  2. bcon1

    bcon1 Guest

    & given that your Brain is whole wired with sub-atomics micro "Voltages';
    is true artificials intelligence, a stones throw from super close nit
    micro -
    or tiny minute voltage core mainframes, -
    I think so.
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