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Ideas for Final Year Project

Discussion in 'Electronic Design' started by jyetying, Jun 22, 2006.

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  1. jyetying

    jyetying Guest

    I am a local university undergraduate. On the coming semester, I have
    to do my final year project. I am taking Electrical Engineering now.
    hello world,
    can u all give me some ideas which is relevant to the electrical
    industry now?
  2. Eeyore

    Eeyore Guest

    I strongly suggest you ask yourself.

    If you have no ideas you won't go very far !

  3. Terry Given

    Terry Given Guest

    cold fusion and free-space energy. Both are suitable for a 6-week
    undergrad project.

    Uh-oh, it appears Rich G. is contagious; Pooh-bear has metamorphosised.
    Does this mean you are a democrat?

    Terry (still)

    But make it show the RPM of the fan

  5. jyetying

    jyetying Guest

    I decided to do my final year project on microwave and RF engineering.
    Got any ideas or suggestion?
  6. Terry Given

    Terry Given Guest

    2GHz buck converter using SiGe BJTs and transmission-line transformers

  7. Ask your professor -

    Around here at least, the good final year professors will be the ones
    that have connections with industry ... and industry tends to have
    "pet projects" that they are interested in having done but not so
    interested that they want to fire up their own research department.

    There could be a match there.


    Some of the work "we" had students do was analysis of a mobile phone
    interface using coloured petri nets to ensure that we had no deadlocks
    (like user is playing a game, phone rings, can he/she/it answer?). As
    a result, the coloured petri nets moved from being some arcane, but
    interesting, research topic into something we actually use.
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