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IDE male crimp connectors for 80-wire cables?

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Lostgallifreyan, Jul 11, 2006.

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  1. Please can anyone point me toward a source of crimp connectors for IDE,
    male IDC type for 80 wires cables? I've only found some for 40-wire cables,
    and even those are rare. All standard parts are female, if attached to
    cables, but I want to adapt something in a very confined space...
  2. Joel Kolstad

    Joel Kolstad Guest

    I take it you mean you want an 80 pin connector for the 80 wire cables *that
    are used with contemporary IDE hard drives*?

    In that case, you're after something like: . I've used these before, and due
    to the higher density you have to be a little more careful putting them
    together, but in general they work fine. They certainly aren't cheap though!

    For regular 0.1" x 0.1" spaced IDCs, I've never seen one above 60 pins, and
    those were rather annoying to terminate properly (it's >3" long, so applying
    consistent pressure across the entire body requires decent jigs).

  3. This thread could get very long if people don't read what I wrote before
    posting. :)
    Thanks for the suggestions, but those aren't it at all, the male connectors
    are PCB mounted in that PDF. Also, the standard types for 80-wire cables
    are female, I need male crimp connectors for the cables if I can get some,
    those would be the easiest solution for me. I can make an adapter with the
    40-wire equivalents and a very short bit of 40-wire cable, but it's an ugly
  4. Joel Kolstad

    Joel Kolstad Guest

    Are, sorry, MALE connectors. I've never seen those, and I'm wililng to bet
    you won't find such a thing unless you're willing to order many hundreds if
    not some thousands. Even the male IDCs for the 50 mil-spaced ribbon cables
    aren't the most common thing in the world, nor are they at all cheap.

    Any particular reason you need males?
  5. I found some 40-wire male IDE connectors for $5 each on eBay. Not too
    shabby, considering the use I'd get, but not ideal. Fiddly, connecting each
    wire pair twisted through 180° and lining them all up for the second
    connector to form an adapter. I want to connect a cheap CF to IDE adapter.
    The only kind I could find small enough to fit in the confined flat space I
    have in a 1U racked ITX machine, are those that are intended to plug right
    into the mainboard. They were very cheap, work well, and their contacts are
    on-plane with the board instead of sticking up in a bulky form. I might
    just do away with the insistence on 80-wire lines though, as the card can't
    do more than UDM mode 2, and the hard drive on the same buss is for bulk
    storage, not speed, but eben so, it would be good to know if these 80-wire
    connectors come in both forms, male as well as female.
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