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IDC d-sub with no "ears"

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by [email protected], Apr 25, 2007.

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    Hi gang,
    I'm looking for a male 25 pin d-sub IDC connector that doesn't have
    the ears for mounting hardware. I know if I use a plastic shell part I
    can trim off the ears but I'm hoping there's a part out there that has
    no ears...
    (Or whatever those little things with the holes in them are called).
    And no, you can't just snap off the metal ones, the ears are what are
    holding the two stamped metal parts together.
  2. wrote in
    I think you already have the answer, trimming plastic ones, or maybe some
    metal ones use a crimped shell to avoid a two-part assembly so you can cut
    those without them falling apart. I thought the D connector's spec included
    the ability to use bolts to retain a connection, so I don't think there is
    any other kind. I've never seen one, anyway. I've seen many diverse forms
    of them, but they all inlude those lugs for bolt retention.
    Some will be easier to adapt than others, so take your pick.
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