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ICSP software for PIC18F6525

Discussion in '8bit Microcontrollers' started by Alexander, Dec 20, 2004.

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  1. Alexander

    Alexander Guest

    I'm starting with a project that has one of the larger PIC's in it.
    I want to program the PIC using ICSP but my programming software doesn't
    work with this chip, e.g. I can't select the PIC18F6525 from the device

    Does anyone know programming software which does support this PIC and where
    I can download it???

    ThanX in advance
  2. Alexander

    Alexander Guest

    Both are the same programmers, and cannot be bought at the moment so I don't
    have much use for this link right now.

    Another quetion arises when I read these pages, is MPLAB always up to date
    with the newest devices???

    Does anyone know another way to ICSP for my device perhaps with a programmer
    (Which cheated the MPLAB software in these links an did nothing else) that
    can be bought (in Europe)???

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  3. Hopkins

    Hopkins Guest

    Hey Alexander can you let me know if you find a program that suits your PIC
    chip, Im currently looking around for a low cost programmer that has a good
    windows interface with a maximum number of PIC chips provided for.

    Merry Xmas
  4. Hopkins

    Hopkins Guest

  5. Alexander

    Alexander Guest

    Het volgende bericht werd op ons ingehakt door Hopkins
    I must get some parts first, after that I will try it myself, it looks
    Just like I thought with parts under $15 you can build a programmer/debugger
    which is sold for over $500 (I Guess)
  6. Alexander

    Alexander Guest

    Took a better look at it:

    You can replace the MAX232 with a MAX233, with this modification you don't
    need 4 Capacitors (which should be tantalium for good use) but mind the pin

    I also suggest you place at least one fool diode (1N4148 in the power
    circuit) but you can also place some at the ports for protection.

    The capacitor between the supply line and the ground should (pin 1 and 2)
    from the 7805 can be a little higher.
    I prefer an LM317 with the right modification since the LM is better
    protected then most 7805's (addition 2 resistors).

    Mind the placement of the crystal, it capacitors and the capacitors between
    the 5V and the GND at each IC, mount it as close to the PIC and MAX for
    better functionality.

    Good luck, I will try it soon


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  7. A Lurker

    A Lurker Guest

  8. Hopkins

    Hopkins Guest

    I have limited funds at the moment - Xmas/new year ;-)

    Let me know how you get on with the programmer.

    Will also build it as soon as I can.

  9. Alexander

    Alexander Guest

    Same problem here, but I already have most of the components needed.

    I'm still waiting for the PIC though, expect it somewhere next week.

    I'll let you know how it works.


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  10. Alexander

    Alexander Guest

    No luck yet,

    The PC won't connect to the PCB, perhaps I made an wiring error. Will look
    at it later.


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  11. Hopkins

    Hopkins Guest

    Are you using the BL010101.hex file as the boot loader - apprently this is
    the correct bootloader that communicates with MPLAB.
  12. Hopkins

    Hopkins Guest

    Hey Alexander did you get the ICSP to work?

  13. Alexander

    Alexander Guest

    Not Yet,

    I was a few days abroad due to work.
    Picked also up a pikprog programmer from Elnec ;)

    Maybe I will try it sometime this week.


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