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ICs, AVRs, CNC/Bot parts, and Misc. "Garage Sale" Style

For Sale: Discussion in 'For Sale / Wanted' started by Blackandchrome, Aug 14, 2013.

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  1. Blackandchrome


    Aug 13, 2013
    I bought a huge lot of electronics components at an auction selling the estate of an electronics hobbyist. Far more than I can every use myself or sell to friends and local colleagues so I figured I would share the love. I will list everything below (a copy of the email I sent to my University's E-Club) and attach the coordinating pictures. I have omitted some things as it really isn't worth the time to sort and ship resistors/connectors/etc.

    I live in Kansas City and go to KSU in Manhattan KS so face to face deals would be more than welcome. For mail orders since I am a brand new member I will be more that willing to ship small batches before receiving payment to members that have a respectable number of posts/reputation on this forum. After a few members can vouch for me I will move on to Paypal first, ship second, orders from anyone.

    No reasonable offer refused, just look up retail and take a good percentage off. In fact if you are willing to offer responses to my stupid simple questions when I start designing my XMega 128 based "Universal Environmental Controller" I will really start dishing out the deals. Money talks especially in quantity.

    Pic 1: LEDs
    8-10 High Power RGB LEDs one of which is a 3W
    Mid to upper hundreds of standard power RGBs
    Mid to upper hundreds of standard power Whites
    sack of 8mm blue
    sack of IR 5mm
    sacks of various "high brightness" standard power whites and many loose

    After taking this picture I still kept finding more bags of LEDs


    Pic 2: Steppers
    These are relatively self explanatory, tinys, NEMA 17 , NEMA 23, NEMA 34, NEMA 42?


    The largest 3 are labeled 42-8A but they are just over 3" which puts them in a NEMA 34 frame. But I couldn't find a 34 rated at 8A and it does say its a 42. Interesting. I still have to run these by a guy in my club who wanted me to get them but I have absolutely no need for them unless I build a plasma table or a robot with rather deadly intentions.

    The tub with what looks like rolls of coins is actually full of sealed skate bearings, 10pc per tube. Perfect for Bots or CNC.

    A couple things I forgot to add to the table were 5 ball nuts for high precision ball screw linear motion systems, as well as another mid size stepper with acme screw and spring loaded anti backlash nut. As with the LEDs as I keep going through the boxes I just keep finding more and more, no more big ones though. There are also 3-4 Meanwell PSUs that would be great for all but the largest steppers.

    Pic 4: Micro-controllers
    Here is where the fun begins, all of the bare chips shown on the left half are Atmegas and Attinys


    From left->right then top->bottom
    3x 2560 (SMD)
    18x 325 (SMD)
    22x 644 (SMD)
    24x 640 (SMD)

    22x 164 (Large format DIP)
    14x 168 (dip) 4x 168 (SMD)
    28x 164 (SMD)
    25x 88 (SMD)
    10x tiny 2313 (SMD)
    10x tiny 24 (SMD)

    Also found some XMegas but I think I will be keeping them.

    Boards included
    1x Pololu Dual VNH3SP30 Motor Driver Carrier MD03A
    4x Pololu Dual Motor Driver
    2x USB to serial adapter boards
    Minty Boost
    FM Transmitter Microphone Object sensor
    devantech digital compass
    2x brainstem interface module
    several others I dont recognize

    Also a basic beagle board not pictured. Not sure what they are worth due to competition with RasPi but taking offers

    Pic 6:
    Beefy PSU, 36v 25A. Not as large as mine, only weighs as much as a single sack of concrete instead of two though, don't have a use for both but can't decide which one I want to keep. I am yet to power this one on.

    Pic9: ICs


    This is the bulk of the ICs. They were all dumped in a big tub so I had to sort them out of a bunch of other stuff so that I would then sort each IC type from another. What I did was just sort 1/3 of the chips in the tray and use that to estimate the total number of chips I have.

    100x Ti 07A612M SN75441one Half H Driver
    50x Philips 74HCT04N inverter
    25x MSP430G2231 MCU
    6x MSP430FG439 Low Power MCU
    30x 386BD Audio Amp
    45x P82871SPN Signal buffer repeater I2C extender
    50x L620SD Motor Controller Dual Full H Bridge
    30x VNH25P30 Half Bridge Motor Controller
    7x SLA7032M 2 Phase Unipolar Stepper Motor Driver
    100x JC79RA LM1084 5v LDO Regulator

    Pic10: Bot Parts
    Pictures is labeled pretty well. Tons of bot parts for bots or CNC. Not going to go into high detail but there are ~12 IR distance sensors, 6 Line sensors, and ~8 "Photomicrosensors". And a bottle of Aspirin for when things get real tough.


    Pic12: Equipment

    Most of the good stuff at the auction went pretty high, This is stuff that came out of the large lots that I bought.
    Nice looking vacuum pump for a pick and place pen. The pen is gone but it probably wouldn't be expensive or difficult to make a pen out of one of those solder suckers. Plastic bottle for liquid flux. Syringe of paste flux, and heated solder blowout tool. 2 large DC supplies. Shortwave radio antenna kit from radio shack. Divider box has about ten different values of caps in it plus some crystals and chips I didnt check out. DC to DC "TX" PC power supply boards, Along with the irons shown I also have another half dozen Hakko 936 solder stations some with and others without pens

    There you have it, let me know if anything catches your eye, yes I'm trying to make a bit o' money but I like helping others afford their own projects as well :D.

    Happy Hackin,
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