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Icom R71a repair

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Brian Lyons, Jan 11, 2005.

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  1. Brian Lyons

    Brian Lyons Guest

    I have an Icom R71a which I bought new in 1990.

    Its performance is degraded and I wish to restore it back to service,
    so that I may once again use it on a daily basis.

    Here is what I have done for repairs to date

    a) correct cold / open solder joint on bridge rectifier in power
    supply to correct intermittent loss of power and noise problems

    b) replace electrolytic capacitors with tantalum caps in dc to dc
    converter stage of display board (replaced on spec to help reduce

    c) replace C1, C7, C11 on RF board to regain lost sensitivity (must
    have had high RF power hit at some point)

    I still experience noise in medium wave band. The noise will build to
    a point that there is complete loss of signal below about 2.5khz with
    the radio going silent. At times, the signal returns after brief
    interruption. Tuning up to higher frequency and then back down
    sometimes restores signal.

    Also, years ago, local AM stations would cause full deflection of S
    meter. This no longer occurs and there is poor DX reception in MW

    Any suggestions what to look at next for cause of fault?

    I have read posts that some owners have replaced capacitors on PLL
    board. Which ones? What problems does this correct?

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