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IC part number and datasheet

Discussion in 'Electronic Components' started by Yianni, Jul 16, 2007.

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  1. Yianni

    Yianni Guest

  2. Graham W

    Graham W Guest

    The top one is the model number (or part of it),the 2nd is the
    batch number and the last is a date code.

  3. Yianni

    Yianni Guest

    Using the top code I find nothing about this chip. I suspect some digits are
    missing. For example a similar ic is coded as LC56, and it is the 93LC56.
    Do you, or someone else, know the manufacturer (from the NN maybe)?
  4. Ross Herbert

    Ross Herbert Guest

  5. Franc Zabkar

    Franc Zabkar Guest

    Short version:

    It looks to be an RFID serial EEPROM used as a counter chip in Xerox
    copiers and Epson laser printers.

    Long version:

    I found this Chinese web page:

    FWIW, someone is asking ...

    "Who can read and write nn3517 chip RF reader. nn3517 used in laser
    printers epson chip on the drum."

    There is also a reference to RFID.

    This site offers better info:

    Copier / printer counter chip summary :

    At present, almost all market brand copier / printers are equipped
    with their own unique counter chip, Its main purpose is bound
    customers to buy their own original consumables to maintain profits
    But it virtually damage the interests of consumers. Recycling could
    have the drum and other products can only use one or can not fully
    utilized. Counter chip technology for the study of saving resources is
    of important significance. Counter chip There are many types, as my
    research is limited, mainly referred to the following categories:


    E, NN3517 Chips : Wireless Access, EPSON2020 currently used in such
    machines. Among the new models is the largest chip. Chip Packaging
    NN3517 on the screen.

    - Franc Zabkar
  6. Yianni

    Yianni Guest

    The photo shows the whole pcb. It is connected to a coil. Of course it's a
    RFID chip, from laser toner cartridges.
  7. Yianni

    Yianni Guest

    Thanks for the links. But they don't help much. The first link comes form
    someone which sells the programming service, but unfortunately he is in
    China. The second link, just someone else -like me- asking for the same
    Is there any chance to quess the manufacturing company?
  8. Yianni

    Yianni Guest

    Could it be manufactured by Microchip? The pins corresponds to a Microchip
    specific chip, but the part number is total different.
  9. Allen

    Allen Guest

    My Epson C45 bubblejet printer ink cartridge also has such a counter
    chip. Whenever my friend refils the ink for me, he has to put a small
    adaptor pressing against the small pcb on the cartridge. The adaptor
    has a green and a red LED and one of the led will flash for a while
    then the cartridge is reset and can be reused. I dont know if there
    is such an adaptor for the laser printer. But if you can wait long
    enough, people will always came out with a new adaptor for that
    model. The Chinese are especially very fast and keen in doing this.
    may be I should ask him where he got the adaptor.

  10. Yianni

    Yianni Guest

    At the moment, there is no adapter for this chip. On the other hand the chip
    I'm asking is a contactless (RF) chip.

    P.S. older epson chips were easy. Now, epson designed and uses a new chip,
    and it confuses many people...
  11. Gary Tait

    Gary Tait Guest

    I doubt it would help you.
    Since the neature of the device is some sort of revenue protection
    security, you will have little chance of getting real data on it.
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