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Ibis Models wanted: 1N4007 and ICM7556

Discussion in 'CAD' started by Sascha Warneke, Aug 13, 2003.

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  1. Thank you

  2. FWIW, this is what I have for the 1N4007 in CircuitMaker:

    IS: Saturation current 2.550n
    RS: Ohmic resistance [0,] 42.00m
    N: Emission coefficient 1.750
    TT: Transit-time [0,] 5.760u
    CJO: Zero-bias junction capacitance [0,] 18.50p
    VJ: Junction potential 750.0m
    M: Grading coefficient 333.0m
    EG: Activation energy 1.110
    XTI: Saturation-current temperature exponent 3.000
    KF: Flicker-noise coefficient 0.000
    AF: Flicker-noise exponent 1.000
    FC: Foward-bias depletion coefficient 500.0m
    BV: Reverse breakdown voltage 1.000k
    IBV: Current at breakdown voltage 98.60u
    TNOM:paramameter measurement temperature 27.00

    CM doesn't have a model/subcircuit for the ICM7556. But I see from the
    datasheet at
    obtained by the google search
    spice "ICM7556"
    that it's virtually identical to the NE556.
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