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I need your process pictures

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by [email protected], Feb 3, 2006.

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    Hello everyone

    I am working on a web site and I need your input to help me build a
    section of it. This is not a sales presentation I just need your input
    as fellow professionals dealing with the ROHS no lead problem.

    I am in need of Pictures of your solder joint failures.

    I need also what caused the error if you know it, if not, I can help
    you access it.

    I need these pictures to be only of the solder joint area with no
    proprietary items shown in the picture.
    I need them to be non copy written meaning that you took them, you own
    them, and you are transferring ownership to me and certifying that the
    pictures taken are originals and that you are licensing me to use them.

    I will need information on the process you used and the type of solder
    and flux chemistry you used. Also in most cases the PCB material
    (Ie..FR4, IS410 ETC...)

    Board plating also can help and inf. on the component finish will help
    me also.

    I am building a database of problems and solutions using different
    solder mixtures and profiles.

    This will help our community of engineers to have one more
    comprehensive resource of shared knowledge.

    Please send to:

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