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I need to add speaker to tv.

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by capt steve, May 3, 2007.

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  1. capt steve

    capt steve Guest

    My wife is driving me crazy! She goes into the bath room to get ready
    for the day, and turns the tv in the bedroom up till she can hear it
    over the running water, toothbrush, hairdryer, etc. The sound level
    in the bedroom is just short of nuclear.
    I went to RShack and bought a wall speaker and did the climbing
    through the attic to wire it in. Only problem is that it only works
    from an amplified output. The TV and the Satelite box only have Audio
    out and Digital sound out. Apparently neither of these are

    She wants something that looks nice. Is there any sort of small amp
    that I could use to still utilize this speaker? Any other ideas?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Remote headphones?

    But if you want an amp, Radio Shack is one place but I would buy an
    amplified speaker set for a computer.
  3. Chris

    Chris Guest

    Hi, CaptSteve. Any other ideas? Hmmmn. (Bwa-hahaha ;-)

    Homer's idea about using a junker external PC amplified speaker set is
    a good one. It accepts line input level, and can output a couple of
    watts into 8 ohm speakers. Just clip off the speaker wires if they're
    hardwired into the amp, and splice in the wires for your speaker(s).
    If it looks good enough for the desktop, it should look good enough
    for Her Royal Highness. And if you scrounge around, it shouldn't cost
    you anything, either. They've been making those in volume since the
    mid-90s, so there are literally millions of unused small amps in
    closets and garages waiting to be liberated.

    Somehow, though, I get the feeling it won't be good enough for HRH.
    It never is.

  4. Circa 3 May 2007 03:25:45 -0700 recorded as
    <> looks like Chris

    Now, there's a very unusual problem!
    Just a note on that. If it looks good enough for the desktop, and looks
    good enough for the wife, just use the PC speakers in the bathroom and
    forget the wiring fiasco inferred by splicing an amp to the speaker already
    installed. Buy RCA cables (I'm assuming RCA connectors, or suitable
    adapters, are relevant to the situation) long enough to pull through where
    the single pair (I'm assuming here) has been laid, and connect as needed.
    Plug the AC for the speakers into a bathroom outlet, and run the speaker
    cable and extensions far enough to get the connection made. The added
    benefit is that you will have volume control for the speakers *in the
    bathroom*, independent of the main unit volume control.

    Oh by the way, did you know that couples with televisions in their bedrooms
    have considerably less sex than otherwise?
  5. capt steve

    capt steve Guest

    Thanks for reminding me.
  6. jasen

    jasen Guest

    Typical woman! :^)
    Small amps that look nice and don't have speakers already are kind of hard to find.
    could you hide the amp and use an L-Pad (a volume control designeed to be wired into
    the speaker cable) - it's probably more convenient having the voliume control in
    the bathroom, and this would give you that.

  7. amdx

    amdx Guest

    That was only true before Johnny Carson left the air.
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