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I need help with an IC!

Discussion in 'General Electronics' started by T9, Mar 7, 2004.

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  1. T9

    T9 Guest

    Hi all,
    Am new around here, and am a beginner in electronics... I am working
    on a sonar parking sensor which needs a 40106 IC. I could not find
    this IC in the local market!!! There are very few suppliers around

    Are there any equivalent IC to replace the 40106?
    Or has any one got another schematic of a sonar parking sensor which
    does not use 40106

    Thanx a lot
  5. T9

    T9 Guest

    Thanx for the info...

    You are right, I also searched and found out that 40106 are "Hex
    inverters with schmitt-trigger inputs", Don't know what it really
    means but I will go ahead with what you have suggested... Thanx again
  6. Gary Lecomte

    Gary Lecomte Guest

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