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I need 12vdc pulsating from a 12vdc pwr source

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Dark Alchemist, Dec 3, 2003.

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  1. How can I get 5-120 hz pulsating 12 vdc from a 12vdc pwr source?

    Anyone have any ideas using the least amount of parts?

    Thank you.
  2. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    I don't know what your current requirements are, but if it's less than 1
    watt or so, a 555 timer circuit should do the job.....Just google
    around...there is a ton of data on that chip....good luck....Ross
  3. 12v at about 450-600ma so well above that 1w range :(
  4. default

    default Guest

    Add a single pass transistor to the 555 to boost the output current,
    one transistor one resistor more.
  5. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    Good advice there...just amplify the output.....good luck, Ross
  6. John Fields

    John Fields Guest

    A MICREL 4429, a pot, and a cap will do it for 3 parts. Two extra
    resistors (maybe just 1) if you want to set the pot's limits at 5Hz and

  7. John's timer will probably be a good one, but here is one that, while using
    more parts, uses parts that are readily available at radioshack.

    Make sure you get a cmos 555... look at the package, and make sure its max
    Vcc is greater than 12V.

    Also, any N-MOSFET you can get will work here.

    Adjust the 1MEG trimmer to adjust the frequency.

    Bob Monsen
  8. The simpliest amount of part? Yank a dimmer from the salvage yard. No 555

    Turn the knob and you go from about 5 - 1000 hz pulsating - 12V. I used
    this trick to arc a coil. What're you making?
  9. Thanks all.

    A dimmer? Now that has me interested.

    As to what I am making its just a test circuit because the circuit works
    when hooked up to a 9 volt battery and it touches (arcs) between on and
    off on the positive lead. Give it a steady 12vdc and it is next to not
    working. Has me stumped so I figured had to want a pulsating DC and
    since I have no source for that I can't test it.
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