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I Have a Board That I Need Produced...

Discussion in 'General Electronics Discussion' started by devilman96, Apr 6, 2012.

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  1. devilman96


    Apr 5, 2012
    I have a project that I am working on which requires a reversing timer board that I can not buy. Where as Im pretty self sufficient in doing these things I currently have about a billion and one hobbies to keep up with and really don't need to add another pile of chemicals and parts or pieces to the mix... nor learn another type of cad to have it produced by a manufacturer...

    Attached is the basic layout... I need a board produced that has 5mm screw type connections for wiring power, motor, timer and limit switches... the board needs to be rated for 5 amps for the motor, I would like to add a fuse holder to the + and add a momentary push button for testing between + and the timer. A weather resistant coating would be nice as these are housed in outdoor enclosures. (Solar chicken coop door opener) Robust is a must... I.E. use 15 amp relays, etc...

    Added wish list... If your capable of adding in a simple voltage control circuit for a 5 to 15 watt charging panel (12.5v cut off) that would be another nice feature to consider... A lighting control circuit that is capable of turning on after close for adjustable time period 1 to30 mins? (10-20 watt led light source) would be another nice feature. As would a 12v warning circuit for fail to open fail to close for an external piezo... (just thinking out loud)

    I would like to have 3 to 4 prototypes made and would like the cad file and parts list used.

    If you are interested in doing this have questions or ideas please POST them... the more people thinking out loud the better off we all are.


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  2. shrtrnd


    Jan 15, 2010
    I'll leave it to others here, if they want to recommend a company that will do your job.
    My input is this:
    A couple months ago, someone on this site was asking for help. He had low-bid an
    order for a hundred or more boards for his product from a mfgr in China. They apparently
    made the boards fine, but soldered ALL of the connector pins together in the final
    assembly process. The manufacturer refused to take the boards back to fix them.
    My advice, is to NOT outsource to China, no matter how cheaply they say they'll do the
    job because you will have no recourse if a mistake is made.
    I personally don't know of a place to recommend to you.
  3. devilman96


    Apr 5, 2012
    Thank you for the advice... I've done a fair share of business overseas and understand exactly what you are saying. Engwish ... ha ha funny wanguage like that. China is a reproduction giant in the realm of copying... but don't ever go to them without a working prototype. Too much will be lost in translation.

    I am only looking for 3 or 4 of these for myself and brother plus a spare or two. I am 100% capable of making them, adding a voltage shunt etc... I've just got a world of work trying to build my own house with my own hands. I was hoping someone whom is already into a few of their own things would just like to recoup a few of their spent dollars...

    If it comes down to china or me ill radioshack project board this with jumpers which was all we had when I was a kid. I can do that much faster than relearning board making. ;)

  4. shrtrnd


    Jan 15, 2010
    I've heard of other people on this site referring people to houses that do prototype boards,
    hope somebody gets back to you on this one.
    The other thing about sending your circuits overseas, is that if they're any good, they're
    going to get copied, and the might even get a patent on them.
  5. jackorocko


    Apr 4, 2010
    Well you haven't really laid out a price you are willing to pay for this work. But if for say you do get a PCB made of this circuit I do have a manufacturing house that I do recommend.

    They charge by the square inch (so you know it is american) and you will get 3 copies of the same board. I used KiCad when I did mine and it only took me 3 - 4 days. The guy who takes the order also will help you with your PCB if you need it.

    Just in case someone else doesn't offer to do it for you. :D
  6. TedA


    Sep 26, 2011

    I realize this does not answer the question you are asking, but have you breadboarded this circuit and verified that it does what you want?

    I am having some difficulty seeing how it could do anything useful.

    And do you know about the NE556?

    As for producing a few copies for your own use, hand wiring some perf board has its attractions for this sort of project.

  7. CocaCola


    Apr 7, 2012
    What he said...

    PC board layout for your simple design is easy enough once component selection is done, but it appears you have multiple other ideas that you want to implement into this design over and above what you designed, so basically we are at square one...

    All in all it seems you want someone to not only finish the circuit, but design a weather resistant enclosure, and produce finished working models as well as turn over the complete design aspect to you... The question I have is are you prepared for the shell shock of a legitimate quote on doing all that?

    I'm just a hobbiest but I do design and build electronics on the side as a side business... I have been doing it for many years now so I have established relations with PCB manufactures as well as positioned myself to be able to make or have made custom enclosures and the such for small volume runs, but all this stuff adds up real quick for small runs where you can't distribute the R&D across 100s of units...

    Although I don't charge full 'industry' rates for my time I can see this project easily spiraling into the cost prohibitive area for you, especially if it's really just for a few copies for you and your brother... Asking for the design to be turned over in it's entirety, will also increase cost substantially...

    That is unless you happen to find someone that is real generous...
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