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I hate unlabeled compoment...

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by Impmon, Nov 22, 2003.

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  1. Impmon

    Impmon Guest

    ....especially if it happens to be the one that needs to be replaced.
    Yesterday for only 3 dollars I picked up a 9" B&W portable TV with power
    supply. It also can run off batteries (10x D). From the manufacture
    date, it was August 2000 so it's not old at all. The reason I got it
    cheap was it wouldn't work.

    I checked the obvious (bad power supply) and I got 18v DC with no load
    so it's probably fine. I took apart the TV and found the fuse is open.
    Problem: the board has no marking for fuse's rating. The fuse itself
    has no mark. The manual doesn't indicate anything other than to replace
    with same rating only. The labels on TV doesn't say anything either!
    Is it that hard to put in something like "1.5A"???

    Anyway I'm guessing 1.5A because the TV's power in is listed at "1300 ma
    Max." and the power supply brick is labeled "13.5v 1300 mA" and 1.5A is
    the next standard numbewr up from 1.3 (1A might blow just from turning

    PS from a TV that's a little over 3 years old, it can tune into UHF
    channels all the way up to 83. I thought channel 70-83 was discontinued
    a decade ago in North America???
  2. Ross Mac

    Ross Mac Guest

    I suspect 1.5 amps would be fine for at least testing purposes. If the fuse
    is just open it may just be a bad fuse, but if it is melted inside or have a short circuit and have a repair on your hands.
    In any event, your best chance at a useful reply will be in , there are alot of folks there into consumer
    electronics. Make sure to leave the make and model numbers.....good luck,
  3. Impmon

    Impmon Guest

    I suspect 1.5 amps would be fine for at least testing purposes. If the fuse
    The fuse had little beads on both end that looked like it melted. When
    I put in the replacement fuse, it went out rather quickly. I used my
    amp meter on the second fuse and it had hit 2A just as the fuse died. I
    don't see why the TV needs to draw more than 2A when it was rated for
    max 1.3A
    I already have but I've gotten only one response so far (get a TV repair
    book from library) I haven't done anything since then, I haven't had
    much time and probably not this week as I got some turkeys to cook. ;)

    Anyway it's ETron BTV-10 9" portble B&W TV with 1.3A power adapter brick
    and battery compartment for 10x "D" cells.
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