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I do not know ?

Discussion in 'Electronic Basics' started by mowhoong, Aug 11, 2008.

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  1. mowhoong

    mowhoong Guest

    My house uses 4 fts length fluorescent light ( 20 W ) as lighting
    source. When I remove the starter the light is still light up. I like
    to know why it is working when the fluorescent light is in open
    circuit ? Can any person help me ? Thanks
  2. Bob Eld

    Bob Eld Guest

    The starter doesn't do anything once the lamp starts. Its purpose is to
    complete a circuit when cold that allows the filaments in the lamp to light.
    Then, after several seconds to open the circuit causing an inductive kick or
    voltage spike from the inductive ballast that strikes an arc or gas
    discharge in the tube and the lamp lights. Once the lamp lights, the
    filaments go off and are not required for normal operation, only starting.

    With the lamp operating you can remove the starter as it does nothing once
    the lamp is on. The starter is now in an open circuit condition.

    However, once the lamp is off and cold, it will not restart without the
    starter to break the circuit again and repeat the process.

    Try starting the lamp cold without the starter. It may restart while warm
    without the starter. Be sure to allow it to totally cool.

    Many modern lamps don't use starters and don't use the above process for
  3. mowhoong

    mowhoong Guest

    Thanks Bob !
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