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i am LOOKING for stiff cord, please help.

Discussion in 'Lighting' started by Søren M, Feb 14, 2007.

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  1. Søren M

    Søren M Guest

    Dear Lighting Group,

    I would like to ask if any of you know where i can get stiff cord, it is
    not ordernery cord but a kind i saw on some lighting fixtures some time
    It looks like normaly cord with wowen fabric outside but its stiff
    properly because there is a tube of some kind inside containing the net

    It looks funny when a normal pendant can stand upside down, and its
    looks like the gravety has turned up side down.

    I hope that you have seen this type of cord and hopefully can dirrect me
    to a place where i can get hold of it, because i like to make some
    "funny" lighting fixtures.

    Soeren M
  2. TKM

    TKM Guest

    Stiff lamp cord is hard to find; but I've used standard building wire
    (non-stranded) for such things. It's a bit difficult to do the terminations
    since fairly large diameter wire is required (#12 or #10 in US sizes).

    You can also make your own. Take standard lamp cord, add a bare stiff wire
    and encase the whole thing in an outer jacket.

    Terry McGowan
  3. How about sliding some braid over a piece of thin metal tubing?
  4. Søren M

    Søren M Guest

    Dear Andrew Gabriel,

    Its a good idea, and thats what i am looking for.

    I hope i can find the firm that are allredy making that product, because
    its not my buisness, unless its werry easy. :)

    Soeren M
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