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Huntron tracker 2000 power transformer

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Markus, May 24, 2006.

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  1. Markus

    Markus Guest

    Greetings to all,

    Well, I dug out my old Huntron tracker 2000 that died a while back. I
    took it apart and found that the mains fuse was blown, probably
    checked it when it died, just started using my old trusty X-Y
    homebuilt unit that attaches to my scope. I have some time now so I
    replaced the fuse and it went out in a minute. The transformer felt
    slightly warm, it is on its own plug, so, I unplugged it, found the
    primary windings, must be set up to use on 220 VAC as well because the
    primary has 2 windings, hooked it up with a 60 watt bulb in series.
    When I plugged it in the lamp lit, about half brightness, not a good
    sign as the transformer had no load on it. Then I noticed some arcing
    inside the plastic transformer bobbin. Really not a good sign at
    all... The transformer has 13 wires coming out of it. The Wht/Org
    coil is the High Voltage output, probably for the CRT... probably
    1000+ volts. There are a few other windings, one for logic supply, a
    center tapped one and one that looks to be for the CRT filament and
    another winding for what ever. The coil that toasted was the high
    voltage winding, must of had some sort of insulation breakdown...
    I've rewrapped transformers, so I pulled apart all the E's and I's off
    the coil and removed the tape. The High Voltage coil is wrapped with
    fine hair copper, diameter probably less than 40 gauge wire, started
    unwrapping it, you know where this is going... Got to around 2000
    turns and found that the heat fused the enamel together on the inner
    windings. Does anybody out there know where I can get a hold of one
    of these transformers?
    If not, does anyone have the voltages for the outputs?
    Here is the color code as I see it..
    Slate Slate (Secondary Coil)
    White White/Red White (Secondary Coil)
    White/Green White/Green coil (may be for CRT filament)
    White/Orange White/Orange (High Voltage Secondary Coil)
    Yellow Red (Primary #1)
    Brown Black (Primary #2)
    Just had heart surgery and thought I would get back in the hobby.

    Take care and Thanks in advance,

  2. Ken Layton

    Ken Layton Guest

  3. Markus

    Markus Guest


    Didn't think that Huntron would still have parts, checked a couple
    years ago and they didn't have the transformer. Well, I called them,
    only 2 left, it is on its way.

    Thanks and take care,

  4. Ken Layton

    Ken Layton Guest

    I have a model 1005b and they still carried manuals for it so I figured
    they'd probably have your transformer.

    Ken Layton
    Olympia, Wash.
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