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HPIB to centronics interface

Discussion in 'Electronic Equipment' started by VMI, Sep 17, 2004.

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  1. VMI

    VMI Guest

    Hi folks,
    I have an DSO with a HPIB output.
    I like to make printouts on a Centronics printer but therefore need an
    Is ther someone with an idea or schematic.
    Cost is "important"; I'm not a milionaire and not able to buy at Agilent ot
  2. Don Taylor

    Don Taylor Guest

    Long ago Hp (Agilent) had some relatively inexpensive HPIB inkjet printers.
    You might be able to scrounge up a used one of these somewhere cheap.
    Or places like Blackbox and IOMega still supply these, but I doubt that
    these would be cheap.

    But on the subject of an idea or a simple schematic to do this for you:
    Partly it depends on whether the scope also implemented a "dumb" mode
    where only a single device would ever be talking, the scope, and only
    a single device would ever be listening, the printer. IF, and that is
    a big IF, they implemented that then you have a better chance of being
    able to just grab the handshaked bytes off the cable and shovel them
    over into a Centronics handshake configuration. But if the folks who
    wrote the HPIB software inside the scope didn't include the dumb mode
    then HPIB is more complicated than the typical easy schematic, there
    are whole layers of protocols that both ends have to support to make
    the connection and clock the data to you. In that case you might do
    better to find a cheap HPIB card for a PC and try to find and understand
    enough of the documentation to be able to write the software to make
    the PC handle the conversion from HPIB to Centronics.
  3. Ed Price

    Ed Price Guest

    Look for HP-7440 or HP7475 plotters. Some had serial I/O, some had HPIB I/O.
    I have seen these sell for $40 on eBay. The HP instrument will likely output
    HPGL (HP graphics language) commands onto the bus, but an entire screen dump
    is very compact, typically less than 25 KB.

    I still use 3 7440A's in my lab, and they are still really good plotters.
    Pens last a long time, don't cost anywhere near as much as ink cartridges,
    and don't clog with prolonged non-use. Biggest drawback is that the pages
    might take a couple of minutes to complete.

    All but the earliest HP DSO's have a floppy disc built-in. If you have a
    disc, why not save to file, and then sneaker-net the disc to another machine
    which can print the file to the Centronics printer?

  4. Bill Janssen

    Bill Janssen Guest

    You need inverters on the data lines ( 8 of them). Then as I remember
    the data available pulse
    may need an inverter. As I remember my adapter I was able to use the
    data available "as is" without
    further buffering/ inverting.

    Been to long to remember the details and don't want to figure out the
    pin numbers again. But the
    wire wrap board was easy to make

    Good luck
    Bill K7NOM
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