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HP Pavilion ZT1135 LCD Display Problem

Discussion in 'Electronic Repair' started by Don Allen, Oct 11, 2005.

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  1. Don Allen

    Don Allen Guest

    We bought a HP ZT1135 laptop for my daughter when she went off to
    college a few years ago. With the exception of a failure of the IBM
    TravelStar HD (no surprise!), the unit has been very reliable. This
    past weekend a problem has developed relating to the LCD display. Here
    are the symptoms: the screen toggles from a normal display, to a
    totally white display, to a somewhat gray display with vertical rasters
    or vertical bars, and then back to a normal display . . . and, so on in
    this pattern on a cyclic basis.

    I connected an external monitor to the DB-15 video connector, and the
    display on the external monitor is fine. I would presume this excludes
    the S3 video card from a potential failure cause of the LCD display

    Does anyone have any experience with such a failure with this type of
    symptoms? My first thought was the LCD's power inverter circuit module,
    but perhaps I should also look at the flex cable connecting the MB to
    the display. I must admit I didn't move the screen on its hinges in my
    initial look at the unit. Any suggestions or hints would certainly be
    appreciated, as she is in dire straits without her laptop. She's now a
    Senior, and in some tough classes!

    TIA for any input.

    Don W9CW
  2. Yes, the ribbon cables and their plugs and connectors should be your
    main suspects. Ususally a bad inverter would cause the screen to not
    light up at all ot to go completely black intermittently. With a bad
    inverter you could shine a bright light into the screen and maybe still
    see the images it should produce.
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